Program Guide

The CASEL Program Guide is designed to help educators and school administrators select an evidence-based SEL program that best meets the needs of their community.

Step 1

Determine your SEL team and goals

Align your team

Use this process to align and set priorities.

This helps ensure you select a program that reflects the hopes and needs of your school community as well as matching the school and or district’s priorities.

Step 2

Connect your needs to our metrics

Connect your criteria

Use CASEL’s metrics to accomplish your SEL goals

CASEL showcases a variety of features for each program, here you will find descriptions of each feature within our review process.

Familiarize yourself with the program designations

Each program included in CASEL’s guide receives a designation. Here you will find the criteria for SELect, Promising, and SEL-Supportive programming.

Step 3

Identify and compare SEL programs

View the program list

Explore all SEL programs

The program list includes all CASEL-designated SEL programs that you can view and filter to best align with your goals.

Compare SEL programs based on your priorities

The comparison tool provides a side-by-side view of the programs you select that align with your priorities.

How to get started

Research shows that well-implemented, evidence-based SEL programs are the most effective way to support young people’s success and well-being in school and beyond. If you are a school leader, educator, or policy maker, this consumer report-style guide will support your organization in researching and selecting high-quality SEL programs that align with your goals and aspirations for students and adults. Access our Quick Guide for more on how to use the Program Guide.

Submit your SEL program to CASEL

Interested in learning more about the Program Guide criteria?

Read our criteria for inclusion rationale brief and explore the steps in our program review process.

Are you looking to submit your SEL program for review?

Explore our submission resources to know what to expect and learn how to submit your program for review.

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