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    • Learn more about Evidence shown in grades

      Programs offering grade-based curricula are evaluated on evidence of effectiveness by grade. Learn more

    • Learn more about Implementation support offerings

      While there is currently not a distinct threshold for quality of these materials to be included in the CASEL Guide, all programs must offer some form of training or implementation support. Learn more

    • Learn more about Promotes SEL across settings

      The Program Guide Team reviews and documents strategies within four settings—classroom, school, family, and community— to determine opportunities for students and adults to generalize and practice their competencies. Learn more

    • Learn more about School characteristics

      Each program includes details about the schools where the SEL program was found effective, such as Title 1 status and location. Learn more

    • Learn more about Student characteristics

      Each program description includes details about the students where the SEL program was found effective, including race, ethnicity, and family income. Learn more

    • Learn more about Significant evaluation outcomes

      Student outcomes are assessments of student’s behaviors or performance over time and can be assessed by a wide variety of reporters, including by the students themselves. Learn more

    • Learn more about Training offerings

      Reviewing a program’s training and implementation materials allows the CASEL reviewer to better understand the experience of a school or district who chooses to adopt it. Learn more

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    SEL-Supportive Program
    Indicates that a program meets either the SELect or Promising evidence criteria for improving student or teacher outcomes, but does not fully meet all necessary program design criteria. These programs could be a beneficial part of systemic SEL implementation. To learn more, access CASEL’s updated criteria brief (pdf).
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    Administrator support
    Technical assistance
    Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
    Online resource library
    Tools for measuring student success
    Non-US location
    Asian / Asian American, White
    Improved academic performance
    Reduced emotional distress
    Improved identity development and agency
    Reduced problem behaviors
    Improved school climate
    Improved school connectedness
    Improved social behaviors
    Improved teaching practices
    Improved other SEL skills and attitudes
    Onsite in-person training
    Virtual training
    Offsite training
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