Transformative Life Skills & Dynamic Mindfulness

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Program description

Transformative Life Skills & Dynamic Mindfulness, offered by the Niroga Institute, provides a lesson-based approach to SEL, focused on mindfulness. It includes programming for grades 6-12 and demonstrates evidence of effectiveness in grades 6 and 9. Translated materials for Transformative Life Skills are offered in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, Inuktitut.

      • SEL lessons
      • SEL generalization
      • Shared agreements
      • Adult SEL
      • Peer mentoring
      • Student supports
      • Activities and Resources for Home
    • Onsite in-person training
    • Virtual training
    • Offsite training
    • Train the trainer model
    • Administrator support
    • Coaching
    • Technical assistance
    • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
    • Online resource library
    • Self-report tools for monitoring implementation
    • Observational tools
    • Tools for measuring student success

Evidence of effectiveness

Results from a randomized control trial (RCT) published in 2017 supported the effectiveness of Transformative SEL for middle school students. This evaluation was conducted on a sample of 159 grade 6 and 9 students enrolled in a high poverty, urban school in the US West region (Hispanic/Latinx = 54%, multi-racial = 22%, Black/African = 17%). This evaluation found that students who participated in the program self-reported higher school engagement, cognitive restructuring, positive thinking, emotion regulation, and more positive coping skills compared to students in the control group (controlling for outcome pretest and student demographic characteristics).

  • Evidence shown in grades
    6, 9
    School characteristics
      • Urban
      • West
    Student characteristics
    • Black / African American
    • Hispanic / Latinx
    • Multi-racial / other
    • Low income
    Percentage Low Income
    • Not Specified
    • Improved academic performance
    • Reduced emotional distress
    • Improved identity development and agency
    • Reduced problem behaviors
    • Improved school climate
    • Improved school connectedness
    • Improved social behaviors
    • Improved teaching practices
    • Improved other SEL skills and attitiudes

How does Transformative Life Skills & Dynamic Mindfulness support SEL implementation across multiple settings?

“Our movement-based Dynamic Mindfulness program supports SEL implementation across classroom, school, home and community through training and coaching for adults, training and coaching for Student Peer Leaders, and a range of curricular supports (both online and print), for developing and sustaining a regular community of practice across multiple settings.”

Get info and pricing on the provider’s website

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  • Accepted by CASEL
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  • Other references
  • Frank, J. L., Bose, B., & Schrobenhauser-Clonan, A. (2014). Effectiveness of a school-based yoga program on adolescent mental health, stress coping strategies, and attitudes toward violence: Findings from a high-risk sample. Journal of Applied School Psychology, 30, 29-49.

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